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Solo, Duo, Trio to Six Piece Band, Live Music Entertainment
(239) 444.8668 ** (941) 348.6928

  High Fidelity: The Finest Classic Pop 

 Pop-Rock, Motown, R&B — Standards to Contemporary Dance Band Music  

High Fidelity, Duo to Five Piece 2021.jpg
High Fidelity Bnr PF-2021b.jpg
SwingTop 2021.jpg
(239) 444.8668 ** (941) 348.6928

  Swing Top: 

 EZ Jazz, Light Latin, Sophisticated Pop (Solo, Duo, Trio…) 


Van AliveTony Doran
00:00 / 07:22
ACX SKY - 20-06095.jpg
Acoustic Rushmorewith Anton, Rob & Special Guests
00:00 / 05:59
Pop Roulette 2021-V2-005.jpg
Enter for more...

    With Toby, Chesney, Willie, Johnny  

  Blake, Marley, Kris, Jason M, Jimmy B  &  the Gang... 

Rob Garcia, AcxSky-001.jpg
 (239) 444.8668 ** (941) 348.6928 
ABS EJ - PMOR, 2020 Pno 2-002.jpg
Keys-Gtr Imge, Wb.png
Legacy Tribute Shows.png
Legacy Tributes Band.png
ABS EJ Bnnr 2020-06092.png
ABS EJ, Bnnr 2020-0609.png
(Click for Demos)
Dueling B & E, 2020-Point Blank.jpg
"Double Shot"
Billy & Elton, Double Bill - Fly-Pmo 202
Acx R Fly-Pmo 2020, 2AA.jpg
Acoustic Rushmorewith Anton, Rob & Special Guests
00:00 / 05:59
GOR, Fly-Pmo 2020-0608-06.jpg
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"Great voice, a strong, McCartneyesque melodic style"
---Tate Music Publishling (Oklahoma City, Ok)

"Really excellent your singing and playing...incredible, vast repertoire, we love you!" 
-- George Miliotes, C Dunavon Creator & Managing Partner of Seasons 52.

"Outstanding, just great" Chris Collinsworth, NBC Sports, and NFL.

"A cross between Billy Joel, Elton John, John Denver & James very good company" -- G. Blaine, Naples Fl

"Love your Lady Madonna... a pleasure singing with you"
-- Mickey Dolenz, The Monkees

"What a band, what a 'band'... this guy has got it going on"
-- Bill Odrey: Premier Trolleys, Shoot the Hooch, Spirit of Roswell Mississippi River Boat Cruises; Atlanta Ga, Ft Myers, Naples & Everglades City Florida

"I really enjoyed your music...I was amazed, just great"
Bob Greene, NY Times Best Selling Author; Jan & Dean vocalist

"Your music brings sunshine in my morning" -- Lynn Han, Shanghai China

"My God you can sing, play and write, and you excel at all three..."
--D Weiss. Fairfield Ct 

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!" 
-- S. Bussey, Cruise Director Carnival Cruises (and Team Sparky, Arlington Hts, Il...)

"Best version of 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant' I've ever heard" 
--S Ridler, Coeur d'Alene Resort

"Great melodies and voice; with lyrics that have surprising range & depth"
---N. Nussbaum Lake Geneva Wi

"Amazing, terrific"
--Monica Markiewicz, Two-time Carnegie Hall Featured Violinist

"Thanks, your music really helped me out a lot today" -- April S, Bourbonnais Illinois


"Excellent..." [On performance of Corcovado, Girl from Ipanema and more] -- Joao Gilberto ("The Man Who Invented Bossa Nova")

"What you do is art -- thanks so much"
--Jonathon Root (Team Rootberry)

"Ben Folds is my second favorite piano player...and I love your lyrics"
--Will Roya Las Vegas, NV

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